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About Us

Who we are

Honeybank Studios is a small team of Engineers, Designers, and Developers based in Brighton. Together we hatch ideas which utilise our skills in technology to create experiences online, such as apps, websites, services, and more.

What we do

Honeybank Studios is skilled in full stack Software Development. We've been creating our own projects including apps, websites, and services for the past 3 years. Our team has got in-depth experience in designing and deploying cloud-based systems, as well as ongoing system administration.

Our Projects

TweetShift lets you setup real-time webhooks for certain Twitter accounts and filters to deliver notifications where you need most. Now with over 35,000 active customers and over 150,000 subscriptions, TweetShift is by far one of the most popular Twitter bots.

Assistcord is the only Live Chat software that integrates right into the platforms you're already familiar with, allowing communities and teams to easily communicate with their website visitors, solving problems quickly and converting more viewers into paying customers.

We're always hatching new ideas, If you have a budding idea, or would like to work with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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You can request us to remove your data from our servers if you have used a Honeybank Studios product in the past. Fill out this forum to have your data removed. Please note that we may need to contact you in order to clarify any information prior to removal.